How I notice my early signs of balding?

The first appearance of hair loss differs slightly from men to women. The existence of more than usual hair in the comb or brush is the first sign of hairless for most men. You may feel some disturbance when you notice that excessive hair loss on your fingers or at the bathtub. However, these signs of balding will lead you to the future pattern of hair loss you will suffer from in the coming days.

These signs mostly appear between 18 to 25 years, and in most cases, these signs appear after the age of 21. You will notice the first hair loss signs if your ancestors from your father’s side or mother’s side were bald. These signs of baldness refer to the hereditary hair loss that comes mainly from your grandfather and grandmother. This type of baldness is the most common and the side of the mother is the supreme motivator of the future hair loss.

Will hair loss come to baldness?

The person who suffers from excessive hair loss will notice that clearly. However, some others will not be able to determine the pattern of baldness, because there are no apparent signs. They should make a thorough comparison of the hairline now and then. The moving back of the hairline will refer to the future pattern of a bald head if the person could measure that extend of hair. This will give an approach to the rate of the future baldness pattern and the amount of hair you lose. Usually, people with dark hair can notice their hairless earlier than who have light hair.

Some people will get their way to use some shampoos or medications, but these kinds of potions will not stop hair loss. They may feel some comfort as they do an action towards baldness.

Questions to determine your signs of balding 

There are many questions rise in the mind of the person who suffers from hair loss:

What will I look like after losing hair?

How will baldness affect my professional life?

How a bald head affect my personal attraction?

Does this make a bad impact on my self-confidence?

Will it make me a different person in other’s eyes?

Will I continue to feel that comfort if your signs of balding progressed?

These questions will affect any person when observing that his appearance becomes different. This is normal and natural for some persons, but this comes to be a negative sign for others. Principally, when some people think about their look in other’s eyes. The back of the crown area is the most unknown factor for most men in the progress of hairless.

Ways to discover the early signs of balding

Your mirror is the judge of the degree of baldness in the scalp area. Take a photo of your crown area to assess your bald head accurately. Take the photo with flash to attain the best reading of your case of baldness. You may ask your barber or the hairdresser to assess the case for you. The results are surprisingly in most cases.

Hair loss always bothers men in their second and third decades. A hair restoration specialist should see you to determine your hair loss pattern and the type of your future signs of balding. The physician will do some laboratory examinations, a medical history report, and some investigation of the scalp that will enable him to reveal the degree of the moving back of the hairline. The physician will use his magnifying tools to specify your measures accurately in different areas of your scalp.

Hair restoration medications and procedures

Medications like Minoxidil or Finasteride are ways to treat the retreat of hairline of the scalp. But these over-the-counter drugs will not rebuild your original hair. After the thorough use of these medications, you are supposed to make another examination after 3 months and another one after 6 months. These examinations are for the assessment of the activity and effectiveness of the medications. You will find that the results may be stable in some cases, but mostly they will be working to stop the progress of these signs of balding.

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All the patients who have used these medications noticed that the drugs to stop hair loss will not bring back the original hair, and unfortunately, if you stopped using them, your hair loss pattern will continue its effect and progress. The baldness patterns are seven grades in the A series and they are consequences of signs of balding. You can compare the photos you have taken before to these diagrams. This comparison will tell you the current stage of your pattern. You will need to see a physician to give you an idea about the future hairless shape of your scalp.

The final step in the process of determining your hair pattern is to decide to accept baldness or to stop the loss. The ways to prevent losing hair are many, and they are divided into surgical and non-surgical procedures. A thorough discussion with your hair restoration specialist will give you an idea about the suitable process you can use to stop losing hair and become natural as before.


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