Minoxidil & Finasteride: magical medications to stop hair loss

The old days witnessed the using of worthless hair loss medications to prevent baldness. The long list contains many types of drugs and medications to stop hair loss and to find some kind of treatment for alopecia areata. Because of the long years of research, minoxidil and finasteride become usable and achieve success.

Minoxidil the magical cure for baldness

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Minoxidil (a hair growth treatment)

Oral Minoxidil has achieved success after scoring that approval by the FDA. It is a real progress in the field of medicines to cure hair management of male baldness and female baldness. Rogaine is the famous brand name for the medication of minoxidil that is used to stop hair loss. This drug is a topical solution prepared chemically and applied directly to the surface of the scalp. Rogaine is originally a prescription drug to control blood pressure. But now it is over-the-counter drug in its generic form. Hence, it has two concentrations; one of them is the 5% for men and 2% for women.

Rogaine is originally an oral blood pressure drug. Scientists developed minoxidil to be a magical cure for baldness. First, scientists noticed that patients who use minoxidil as a cure for blood pressure started growing hair of the body. Consequently, the applying of minoxidil directly to the bald scalp will make hair to grow in these areas.

Scientists performed these studies on the crown area, and it works on every part of the body. The front of the scalp is a less reacting area to the cure of minoxidil. Because it carries much finer hair than the area of the crown. The cure will not work that good if the frontal area is very bald. The results of the medication may be visible after 6 months until two years from the point of starting the cure. The magical medication works on the scalp area to increase the time and duration of the growth cycle or the anagen period. Most noteworthy, the increasing of the time of the anagen will decrease the time of the hair shaft and the telogen phase. This will increase the length and the diameter of fine hair especially on the frontal part of the scalp.

The real mechanism of minoxidil as a medication for hair loss is not exactly known. While, the direct benefit of using that medication is to prevent the formation of testosterone and the DHT. To achieve the highest effect of the medication, a two time’s usage will be necessary. The impact of the medication will be much effective if the patient applies it directly on the scalp. It makes nothing if applied on the hair itself.

The two concentrations of the drug will show best results if the patient applies it to the scalp twice daily. The 5% concentration contains proplyne glycol, which is a medical compound to irritate the front skin of the scalp. The best use of the 5% concentration is at bedtime to prevent the irritation of the scalp. But the 2% concentration is alcohol based solution and is less sticky to the skin of the scalp.

Minoxidil is in fact a prescription drug when it is linked to other medications. To enhance its penetration of into the surface of the scalp it should be linked to other medications. When minoxidil conjoined with retonic acid, it will support the penetration process. The medical compound of retinoic acid and minoxidil may do some potential side effects. These side effects such as severe changes in the levels of blood pressure and irritation of the scalp, which may cause scarring.

For women, the concentration of 2% is the best and it is only to have approval. Scientists advise the use of the 2% minoxidil because women are very sensitive to the side effects of the medication, such as allergies and skin reactions. The use of minoxidil may cause some other side effects for women as growing of facial hair more than usual in normal cases. Especially relevant, the use of the 5% concentration for women hair loss will cause greater instances of the mentioned side effects rather than the normal concentration of the 2%.

Prevent hair loss by Propecia (Finasteride)

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Male pattern baldness has many causes as a result of the effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone on hair follicles. These are present mainly in the front, top, and crown areas of the scalp rather than the back and sides of the scalp. The hormone dihydrotestosterone causes hair loss by decreasing the growth period or anagen phase of the hair cycle. It causes smaller size of the follicles. The hair becomes continuously finer and may be shorter until it finally disappears.

The action of the enzyme 5‐alpha stored on testosterone creates the hormone dihydrotestosterone . Finasteride is a magical cure that works by stopping the enzyme reductase that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicle. Propecia decreases blood levels of the male hormone and its impact is in a relation with both of these factors. Finasteride 1‐mg per day decreases the male hormone levels by
more than 70%. Rather a lot of people think that finasteride decreases the male testosterone. It causes a rise in testosterone levels, although it is still stable within the range of normal cases.

Finasteride was a medication for prostate malfunctions. By chance, scientists found its use to prevent hair loss. The aim of the hair loss scientists was to find a drug that could block the 5‐alpha reductase enzyme and to imitate the irregularity in these men. As a result, They can use the drug to prevent prostate enlargement and baldness. The first brand name of Finasteride was Proscar, and this was 5 mg in 1992. The trusted drugs should have an FDA approval, and Finasteride had its approval in 1997 for the 1 mg of Propecia per day as a treatment of male baldness. The results were moderate in treating hair loss in both man and women. The effect in the treatment of genetic baldness is quite effective and it takes between 3-6 months to be noticeable.

Finally, we should note the effect and results of using Finasteride as a treatment of hair loss. Scientists have noticed that more than 50% men show hair growth and strength. Over a long period of time, more than 90% of men using Finasteride maintained their hair after 6 months. Studies have shown that the use of Finasteride to treat early signs of baldness in men who already lost most of their hair, will not be effective. The use of the drug can hold on at any age, but it shows better results to regrow hair in early stages of baldness.The use of Finasteride should be continued, and if discontinued it will lose its impact on hair.

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