Comparing Laser Hair Treatment and Hair Transplant

Do you begin to notice any hair loss that requires treatment? Do you read or hear about the different hair loss treatments? Have you ever heard about laser hair treatment or hair transplant?

If so, you are the one we target for our comparison here…

It is better to consider the different treatment options before undergoing any procedure.

Here, we will get you to look forward to the difference between laser hair treatment and hair transplant. Accordingly, you can manage your hair loss treatment before undergoing any of the available options.

What are the available hair loss treatment options?

Prevention is better than treatment… It will be possible to prevent hair loss according to the exact hair loss cause. At least, you can slow down your hair loss before that sudden baldness. The first step towards preventing hair loss is to follow the natural healthy methods such as:

  • You should avoid any harsh hairstyles
  • Do not twist or pull your hair
  • Follow a balanced diet that contains healthy food
  • To use wide bristles comps
  • Use different hair loss medications and switch them

Do not forget that not all these options will be suitable for all types of hair loss. You can control some of these types, but others are not preventable.

Medications for hair loss may be valuable, but sometimes will cause NOTHING

The available hair loss treatments that you can buy over the counter may help. However, these medications in most cases will have serious side effects and will be a money loss method. The most common hair loss medications are minoxidil and finasteride.

Some prefer the temporary hair pieces and wigs rather than the permanent solutions

You may prefer non-medical treatments of hair loss and also the non-surgical options.

Do you prefer to disguise your hair loss with these traditional ways like hair pieces and wigs? What if it is discovered or fall down from your head?

A combination of therapies may be a solution but will be temporary…

Some persons prefer to use short-term low-cost therapies for hair loss. These therapies contain a combination of creams, drugs, shampoos, and oils. many companies offer services to help choose a course of treatment based on every person’s special needs. This option is also short term and will not last forever. It will cost a little, but on the long term, it will cost you much more than other permanent options.

Hair transplant: the surgical options will last forever

You may feel optimized when hearing that hair transplant modern techniques become much more advanced than before. This is true, a hair transplant will be suitable for most cases of hair loss. The cost of hair transplant is not that you think higher than other treatment options. Nevertheless, it will be much lower in the cost if compared with a long time of using other medications.

The results of hair transplant are awesome in most cases of baldness patterns. The process is a very simple non-invasive surgery depends on removing hair follicles from the donor area where they are resistant to hair loss. Then, the surgeon will place these follicles on the suffering area of the scalp.

Shedding the light on Laser hair treatment

laser hair treatment is one of the latest non-surgical options for hair loss. It is completely non-invasive treatment depending on the fact that it does not require any medications or chemicals.

Laser treatment is suitable for most hair types… But be aware that this kind of treatment increases the blood flow in the area of the scalp. Nevertheless, it has additional recovery and healing effects, so it may be effective if you have some hormonal imbalance, poor diet or stress conditions.

Laser hair treatment OR Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

When considering laser hair treatment and FUE method of hair transplant, we may notice the following criteria of comparing.

FUE is a surgical treatment of hair loss, but laser hair treatment is a non-invasive treatment. As a result, if you are looking forward to having a non-surgical treatment, a laser hair treatment will be the right option. Some hair restoration specialists advise their patients to have a laser treatment before undergoing a hair transplant.

During FUE, the surgeon will remove the targeted hair follicles in the donor area using a small round bunch.

  • The surgeon does this action using a specialized tool to safely extract the follicles from the donor area.
  • The surgeon will create a graft area using a forceps to transplant the removed follicles in.
  • The full procedure will be carried out under local anesthesia
  • FUE is a one-day procedure
The results Of laser hair treatment Vs. FUE

One of the advantages of FUE hair transplant is that you will leave the hospital with new hair on your previously bald scalp. On the other hand, the results of the laser hair treatment will take from 6 months to a year before you notice any observed results.

If you seek permanent results, let’s compare…

Although FUE hair transplant will leave you with some scars on your scalp, these scars will disappear during a short time. You will suffer some bearable pain after the operation that you can control. Whereas, laser hair treatment leaves you with no scars on your scalp. However, you can measure the results of both treatments on a more logical scale. Which treatment will achieve the permanent results?

The answer is, in fact, a hair transplant results will last forever.

Awesome results come after a hair transplant or laser hair treatment?

No one needs to have temporary results that will last after stopping the treatment… this is the matter when considering laser hair treatment. The results will disappear gradually after nearly one month of the treatment in case you stop the treatment.

Nevertheless, FUE results will not disappear after the operation, if you followed the post-operation instructions strictly.

Hair loss may have some devastating psychological effect on both men and women. It may lead to some kinds of depression and loss of self-confidence.

After this comparison, you may be able to choose the best hair loss treatment for your individual case. Note, you are a unique case and your hair loss pattern is one of its kind. So, be aware of all the available treatment options and do NOT lose time.

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