Hair Transplant in Turkey: Cost, Procedure, Techniques

Turkey is one of the leading countries for hair transplant procedures, with nearly one billion dollars of business.

Do you imagine that the cost of hair transplant in Turkey ranges from 1600 dollars and 2000 dollars? Do you believe that the cost of the same operation in UK or USA may cost up to 30.000 dollars?

It may be a way of fiction, but in fact, it is the real case. Turkey welcomes more than 6000 patients monthly to undergo hair transplant surgeries.

We mentioned the cost in the first place among a long list of causes that moves people to perform these operations. These causes may lead patients to hesitate when making a decision to choose their target. The lack of information about the operation will make some people hesitate about undergoing such operations. Some reasons may affect your decision.

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that has spread rapidly in recent times. Although the beginning of this spread was in the sixties of the last century. Nevertheless, the last ten years was the real revolution of hair transplant operations since the discovery of the technique of snatching. A technique that has contributed significantly to the spread of hair transplantation in many circles and in multiple countries.

The cost of hair transplantation varies from place to place, given the high competitiveness of hospitals, medical centers and clinics to achieve the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price for the public (note that this competition also contributed to the entry of non-specialists and inexperienced in this area). The cost of hair transplant in Turkey may differ from place to place according to many factors. These factors such as, the experience of the doctor and the facilities of the place.

The revolution of hair transplantation and the Turkish ethics

You should consider all hair transplant areas so that you can make a right decision. Your decision should depend on several basic pillars, and the least cost is always the most detailed for most people who want to perform hair transplants. Turkey has become one of the most prolific countries in the field of hair transplantation. It is one of the most efficient and experienced countries in the field. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey is less expensive than leading countries such as the United States, France and England. It is currently the most experienced due to the huge number, which undergo those operations in Turkey. Also, when choosing the right place, do not forget that not every exhibited offer will achieve the desired efficiency you desire.

  • Turkey’s unique location and travel costs: Turkey is mediating the geography of the region linking Asia and Europe. Its proximity to Africa makes travel less expensive than other places, as well as saving time and effort. It strongly affects the cost of hair transplant in Turkey directly.
  • Cost of living in Turkey and its impact on the cost of the process: The cost of living in Turkey is the lowest among all the supply of other countries. The high competitiveness makes Turkey the first home for hair transplant in terms of the appropriate accommodation and the cost of living is somewhat cheap.

Why do some hesitate to perform hair transplantation?

There are many reasons to hesitate when deciding on a hair transplant. Possibly, because of the lack of information available, and perhaps because of the lack of confidence criteria on which to base the standards of judgment at the hospital or medical center where the operation will take place. However, the important criteria that you need to keep in mind when making this decision must depend on several grounds:

– The cost is right for you physically, and what you want from the results after the operation.

– Choosing the appropriate center that provides you with the latest technology. Choose the least side effects and (because the technology used frequently make the competition between centers more).

– Good training for the staff of the center as experts in the field of hair transplantation.

Experience of the Center and previous operations and history in the field of hair transplantation.

– The initial consultation will make you more reassured about the center, because you see what you are coming for. For example, the initial consultation is completely free and then let you decide and compare according to your convenience. Because it is the most important step in the process.

Factors that affect hair transplant cost

Hair transplant cost differs greatly in Turkey and this matter may cause some astonishment. Some people see that big difference from a financial perspective only. Some others attribute the difference to the quality of the procedure. They consider that whenever the prices come high, the quality of the operation should become high as well. In addition, the experience of the staff and the hospital itself are in relation to the prices. However, this belief is not that right.

It is not logical to follow any of both methods when choosing the right place to undergo the operation. Why?

Although there are numbers of places that do such operations with a high cost, the quality is still not that good. As a result, relating prices to the quality of the procedure is not logical. Likewise, you may find some places that undergo the procedure with low cost. These places are not following the high-quality trends and the required credentials to guarantee the desired results.

One of the main factors in your way choosing the right place is the previous results of the previous operations the staff did. One of the main reasons is the quality of the materials and equipment in the clinic or hospital and the management capability of the place. These factors are necessary for your way choosing the clinic or hospital beside the suitable cost.

Wherefore, we should specify the basic requirements to choose the best place with the highest quality and the most suitable cost.


The basic rules to choose the best place to undergo a hair transplant in turkey 

Rule 1: Search for the most suitable technique for you and the technique that the clinic follows which should be efficient. Strip harvesting or FUT is the oldest technique in hair transplant technologies. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey depends on the technique used in the procedure.

Rule 2: The desired density is the first determiner of the cost. You may find dissimilar prices for the same operation. However, the range starts nearly from 1500 US dollars to perhaps more than 6000 US dollars. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey depends on the amount of hair you want to transplant in the recipient area of your scalp. In Turkey, you will find that most prices range between 1500-5000 US dollars.

Rule 3: The results of the operation rest upon the training of the staff and their experience. Another factor affect the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is the number of operations they undergo monthly. The number of operations they did in their history is another factor. Why? The obvious reason is that FUE depends on the patient’s own hair from the donor site and with FUE we move the hair to the recipient site with ease.

Rule 4: The success of any hair transplant procedure depends on the amount of hair in the donor area because it is the source of hair, which the doctor will move to the recipient area. FUE is a developed technique that depends on the hair in the donor site. FUE is to harvest specific hair according to the density of hair in the donor site. The technique used will have an impact on the cost of hair transplant in Turkey

Rule 5: You should be sure about all the procedures and equipment of the operation and all the procedures before and after the operation. You should be sure about the guarantees that the clinic offers you after the operation if some changes will happen.

Reasons to undergo hair transplant Turkey

  • First, Turkey gives you the opportunity to have the first consultation free and after that, you will decide. Some patients do not have the enough amount of hair in the donor area of their scalps, and in other places rather than Turkey, they have to pay for the first consultation whether they will do the operation or not.
  • Second, if you have the enough financial support, all the options will be available to have the desired density. However, you should be aware in your choice of the clinic and its history that will determine the cost of hair transplant in Turkey.
  • Third, your age is one of the main factors in determining the cost of hair transplant in Turkey. If you are in the suitable age and health, so no problem pertaining to the cost of the operation. You are not obliged to do a full operation to attain the full density. After a period, you may have a complementary procedure to have the desired density of your scalp.
  • Fourth, some patients who could not afford the cost of the operation resort to paying some money for hair restoration medications and cures. They use these medications to preserve the density of their hair. Minoxidil and Finasteride are the most famous medications for hair restoration. These medications are not able to restore your hair, but they will delay losing your hair. However, most researchers about these medications refer to that; hair restoration medications cannot restore your hair.

Expected costs of the operation and comparison with other locations

If you have thought about hair transplantation for a while. You may have seen the figures and prices available in different places and countries where such operations are available. Let us first give you a statistical comparison of the best countries that offer these services and the prices available in each of them and the possibilities and techniques that are in place.

The United States of America and Britain are among the first countries to carry out hair transplantation. It have made a lot of development in this area. However, the lack of hair transplantation in these countries may have difficulty entry procedures from visas and a long time to enter the country. In addition, the cost is so high that in some places up to £ 32,000 for a complete hair transplant. Turkey is, in fact, a pioneer in the field of hair transplantation. Turkey is the destination of those who wish to conduct these operations globally these days.

We can compare its remarkable success and excellent results to USA and Britain. What interests you in this statistic is the cost of the operation. To transplant 2,000 grafts of hair in the US or Britain might cost you £ 6000-15,000, while the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is only $ 1,000 to $ 1,500. For example, a complete process to transplant 4,000 units in the United States or In the UK for large amounts between 18000 – 32000 pounds. However, in Turkey, you will find the point where the process does not exceed of 3000 USD only. This statistic makes us settle on Turkey in terms of cost and accessibility. This also includes good cheap accommodation, cheap transportation and a great location. It will be a wonderful picnic in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Cost of hair transplant in Turkey with FUE & FUT

Strip harvesting or FUT technique is one of the oldest hair transplant techniques, but it is still in use by some clinics and hospitals. However, FUT is not the preferred hair transplant technique, because it causes a wide scar in the donor area that remains. The cost of FUT is perhaps as equal as FUE, which is much better and causes no scars. The prices of both techniques are much lower in the last few years because of the high competition in the hair transplant market. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey FUT procedure ranges nearly between 1200-2500 US dollars, while hair transplant turkey FUE procedure ranges between 1500-3000 US dollars.

Turkey is perhaps the most notable example of hair transplant operations that use FUE these days. The number of hair transplant in Turkey is increasing every month. This is because it costs much lower than other countries and scores better results. In fact, hair transplant in Turkey is the homeland of FUE technique and the reason is obvious that this country scores the best results among other countries and the lowest cost.

A fast look at the prices of FUE in the USA and UK, we will find that in the USA, the cost of the operation may be range between 6000-8000 US dollars. In the UK, it may range between 6000-9000 US dollars. As a result, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is lower and the results are great. We can compare the cost of hair transplant in Turkey to USA & UK. It depends on the training of the staff and their experience and above all on the number of excellent previous operations.

Steps of hair transplant operation

Hair transplantation is simply a surgical cosmetic procedure and is a completely non-disturbing procedure. Its general idea is to transfer the correct and healthy hair follicles from areas not subject to hair loss genetic reasons as in the back and sides of the scalp. The surgeon will transplant hair follicles with traits resistant to hereditary baldness in the areas you want to cover.

The steps of hair transplantation are organized stages arranged in high coordination between the doctor and the patient. They will implement an appropriate manner that meets all the patient’s needs and objectives of the procedure.

Step 1: First consultation

Any successful hair transplantation begins with that initial interview between the doctor and the patient. It will regard the examination of all procedures and preparations available for the procedure. This phase begins by e-mail or phone before a face-to-face interview with the doctor. Until a good relationship is established between the parties to the discussion. At this stage, the consultant is in intensive contact with the patient to draw all the possible information about his / her health, medical history, illness, and any medications he may have. The doctor will make an appointment at the request of the patient and the equipment obtained with the consultant doctor. The cost of hair transplant in Turkey do not contain the fees of the first consultation.

Step 2: Preparing for the operation

First, we must focus on the patient’s health before starting any action in the process. This is done through certain laboratory analyzes by taking a sample of the patient’s blood for analysis. Then the doctor will measure the hair length of the patient, which may not represent any problem. However, the doctor should cut it to a length not exceeding 0.9 mm. Then wash the hair with special solutions to clean the scalp well. The patient then replaces his clothes with sterile clothing for the operation. The doctor will then diagram the scalp to determine the structure of the operation and the front hairline. As well as, the doctor will determine the areas to transplant the new hair.

Step 3: Anesthesia

The process of anesthesia is to help the patient be in a comfort during the operation. It enables the doctor to undergo go the process without any pain. The surgeon will anesthetize the scalp by a local anesthetic by injection into the scalp directly at varying rates to suit the nature of each patient. Anesthesia will be concentrated in the area of the transplantation and the donor area. Most surgeons use lidocaine and bupivacaine as local anesthetic solutions.

Step 4: Extracting hair follicles

After completing the anesthesia and waiting for some time until the drug becomes effective. The doctor makes sure that the scalp is properly anesthetized. The work begins on removing the hair from the donor area. The operation will focus on the hair follicles identified by the doctor and not any hair. This is because the doctor wants hair with specific characteristics and density. The doctor will pick up specific hair by the micro-device of FUE, a modern device specially designed to pick out specific bulbs with high efficiency and accuracy.

Extracting hair follicles

This device consists of several precise heads with different measurements to suit all hair sizes and density. The composition of the healthy follicles is units ranging from two hairs and four hairs per follicle. After extracting the follicles from the donor area, they are placed in a dedicated storage container for this stage. The container is filled with a special fluid that nourishes the bulbs and maintains its temperature. This solution is the hypothermosol, which makes the bulbs as if they were in the natural environment of the scalp.

Step 5: Sorting and dressing

After extracting the hair follicles from the donor area and placing them in the conservation solution, the doctor will sort and classify the follicles. This sorting and classification will be on the number of hairs each unit contains. This division will then be important in the transplanting phase so that the doctor can place each unit of specific density in the area that needs the required density. Because not all units are equal, the doctor will distribute the hair accurately and evenly so that the image and the final appearance will be acceptable.

Step 6: Making incisions for hair follicles

The first step in transplanting stage is to make incisions in the target areas of the scalp. The areas where the doctor will place the new hair follicles. In addition, the cracks will be very precise and in certain predetermined direction. These incisions are the openings in which the doctor will place the bulbs, which is a very important stage. This is because these incisions are the pockets where the follicles will inhabit as their new environment. It depends on the suitability of the new hair measurements as well as the measurements of the pockets. The new diameter of the hair is compatible with length, perimeter and depth of the new channels to fit the measurements of the grafts. The diameter of the channel and the direction of the hair in the scalp must also be consistent.

Step 7: Transplanting the new hair follicles

After the completion of the incision of the hair follicle channels, the surgeon will stop to give the patient some food. Then continues to work with that final stage of hair transplantation. The stage of transplanting new grafts in the designated places. This stage is very accurate; it makes the full effort to focus on transplanting the hair follicles in the appropriate direction and depth. So that the hair grows then just as in the original hair of the patient.


This description of the procedures may make you aware that hair transplantation generally needs a lot of money to get a high quality service and satisfactory results. Nevertheless, this is not true at all, because the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is subject to numerous controls and measurements to estimate its cost.

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey and its controls

Comparison is the only way to find the right choice for you. Do not rush in decision, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey depends on several factors to determine the cost because. Some factors such cosmetic operations are not a fixed price commodity and have no limits setting the price of the process. So first, you need to know the basics that determine the cost, and then compare all the options available to get the best service at the most appropriate price.


There is no doubt that the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is an important factor in deciding on the operation. Because Turkey has a long tradition in this field, many are moving towards it to determine the appropriate average cost. The majority of the places where the hair transplantation is performed by FUE, FUT or both offer the cost compared to the number of follicular units. You should know that the greater the number of the transplanted follicular, the lower the cost of the unit. For example, if you want to transplant 1,600 units, this does not mean that it will cost you twice the cost of transplanting 800 units. This is because the higher the number, the lower the cost. You should put in your eyes some of the controls that greatly determine the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey.