Hair Transplantation: Guidelines to Consider.

Although hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure in nature, yet it is still a serious surgery that you need to consider carefully.

With the new techniques and practices, hair transplant becomes a sought after cosmetic option. Celebrities played an important role in promoting this industry. However, as much as it is promoted it is still easy to do a process. Thus far there are serious things you need to take into consideration before doing it.

On top of all who will be in charge of this operation? Is he a licensed physician with a practice or a licensed doctor who understands very well hair transplant procedures?

 The Fact is up till now the “the hair transplant industry” is not recognized as a specialty in most parts of the world. For that reason, you cannot get a board certified MD for this specific section. Alternatively, many doctors all around the world become interested in this process and did extensive study and researches to be able to do it in the best way possible. With a considerable amount of years of experience, they become able to deliver the best results possible. The bottom line is you need a qualified and experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon to get results that match your expectations.

Recently, new techniques have invaded hair transplant industry and made it easier than before. Therefore, you contact any hair transplant clinic with a simple assessment they decided what you need but this not the whole story.

The most important part of the equation is you; are you 100% ready to go through this process? How about your medical history do you have any serious health issue?

It is a truth that hair transplant can be performed on any adult diagnosed with pattern hair loss and good donor area. Conversely, a very young person whose alopecia is still in the early stages and still developing cannot be able to do it. The same is applicable to people with Norwood grade VI or VII with poor density. As well as people with significant systemic health problems. In this case, the healing process might become complicated or even impossible.

The additional thing of a very paramount significance you need to consider while you are doing your hair transplant operation is the (Facility). Is it a clinic? A medical center? Or a hospital?

The issue here even if the hair transplant is a one-day surgery done with local or regional Anesthesia, yet it is still a surgery that needs a fully equipped operation room for monitoring and handling emergencies. Continually there should be in place a well-prepared plan for handling emergencies. Moreover, there should be a very well trained and skilled staff of nurses and physicians who are familiar with such kind of emergency cases.

As a matter of fact, hair transplantation is a surgical method of hair restoration. Preoperative laboratory studies need to be performed include; blood counts including platelet count, bleeding and clotting time (or prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time), blood chemistry profile including sugar.

In hair transplantation, every person is a special case, not one procedure for all. Everyone who is willing to go through this procedure should have realistic expectations to have a look that is natural and satisfactory.


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