Top 5 Causes of Hair Loss and ways of treatment

Do you imagine that more than 200 million people suffer from hair loss?

And more, nearly most of the cases are not familiar with the causes of hair loss and specifically about the patterns of hair and the suitable remedies.

The number of hair follicles is defined at the time of birth. However, every person’s hair follicles are different from other’s follicles according to specific diameters. The diameters of the follicles may increase as we grow. These numbers are stable, and no specific food, vitamins, nor proteins will make these numbers increase.

The basic hairline of the scalp will become receding until the person passes his/her teenage. After the teenage, the hairline will be stable but not in men with genetic alopecia. The hairline will continue to recede if the person suffers from any kind of illness, which affect hair, or because of malnutrition.

The hair baldness may be called male pattern baldness or scientifically androgenetic alopecia, which is a process that makes some changes in the hair follicles.

This kind of male baldness makes the hair follicles to produce thin and hair and the hair shafts will be weak. Hair loss causes that are related to androgenetic alopecia are summarized as follows: male hormones, the genes, and time.

This kind of male baldness makes the hair follicles to produce thin and hair and the hair shafts will be weak. The causes of androgenetic alopecia are summarized as follows: male hormones, the genes, and time.

We will study these causes of androgenetic alopecia in details.

Genes are basic hair loss causes  

We always hear the word gene, but we rarely know what the gene is. A gene is a hereditary instruction in the form of single bit of encoded chemical substance and represents a signal of DNA, which is responsible for transferring genetic characteristics in all living organisms. Humans have twenty-three pairs of chromosomes and a person inherits one set of them from each parent. We have twenty-two genes, which are autosomal or responsible for body genes, and just one pair for sex. This pair may be X or Y. The genes governing baldness are autosomal.

The baldness trait may be inherited from the father’s side or from the mother’s side. Baldness needs only one pair of the pair to have the gene to become dominant because this kind of genes is dominant. The recessive gene requires both genes to be present for the characteristic to be obvious. A person whose that’s side is suffering baldness may have minimal signs of hair loss because the gene of baldness is expressed in limited condition. Scientists until now have not specified the specific gene responsible for male baldness. As a result, any suggested prevention of androgenetic alopecia by the use of genetic engineering is not proved and still years away to prove that.

Hormones and Hair loss

Glands are the source of all hormones in the human body. These hormones are biochemical substances are produced in minute amounts but they are very powerful in their action upon the body. Testosterone is the basic male sex hormone and all the related hormones. It has effects of masculinity upon the body, which are produced mainly from the testicles. Most of the changes occur in the age of puberty are because of these hormones, such as the growth of the beard and the beginning if baldness.

The effect of testosterone and all the related hormones like androgen and DHT, cause the follicles to be weak and may die or regress. In women, the ovaries produce the hormones that affect the hair growth. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is directly involved in male pattern baldness. This hormone decreases the anagen phase in the hair growth cycle and is the cause of the decrease of the telogen phase. The hair cycle becomes shorter, and the hair shaft becomes smaller.

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Time and Baldness  

Hair loss requires the time factor to be noticeable and the hair follicles require time to be exposed to the effect of sex hormones. These hormones affect the hair growth cycle and its consequences. Time differs from person to person, and it is mainly linked to each individual’s genetic exposure. The levels of sex hormones in the bloodstream is a main factor in the expression of baldness.

The impact of Stress on hair loss 

Nutritional deficiency, traumas, and illness are direct causes of stress, and it is a serious sign of hair loss. It differs slightly from men to women according to their psychological condition and the physical age changes. Some women feel that stress, which affects the hair growth in the time of menopause or in times of the monthly menorrhea. Therefore, some women feel that kind of stress in their fortieth and may be exposed to some kind of hair loss. However, men on the other side have another aspect of stress, which stems from hair loss itself. Some men enter a bad psychological condition after discovering their hair loss, and they will suffer from some kind of stress consequences.

Blood Supply

The lack of blood supply may contribute in hair loss. If your blood cycle is not in its perfect condition, your hair will suffer from serious bad conditions. The scalp is supplied by blood to give the hair the required growth factors, and the lack of blood supply will make these growth factors are unable to reach the hair follicle, which will cause a kind of hair loss and the hair grown from the follicles will be thin. The growth of hair requires the suitable blood supply and that supply carries with it the required nutrition.

How to prevent the causes of hair loss?

Many persons resort to over-the-counter drugs and lotions to prevent hair loss in a try to restore the lost hair. However, do you trust all these advertised drugs?

These drugs can cause some serious illness, such as cancer and arthritis. In the United States, the FDA approved some of these medications and not all are approved. Some of them are used mainly as medications for blood pressure like minoxidil and finasteride and others are used for other illness, so they are not specifically for hair loss. Other techniques like electric and magnetic hairbrush are used to treat some hair loss causes. Some oils like snake, olive and other kinds of herbal medications are used also, but they are not that effective.

It is very difficult for any person who suffers from hair loss to differentiate between the real from the fiction in the field of hair loss remedies.

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