Body Hair Transplantation: The full process

The scalp of the head is the main donor area used for hair transplantation surgeries. However, some patients do not have the enough hair on the scalp area to undergo these kinds of hair transplant operations. Latest researchers assume that it is possible to transplant parts of the body hair as the donor area. The kind of hair that is suitable for body hair transplanting should be similar in quality and structure to that hair in the head scalp. It will be better to undergo a body hair transplantation rather than a scalp hair transplant. The world tendency towards body hair transplantation grows much especially that in Turkey. Hair transplant Turkey is perhaps a leading location for body hair transplant and most operations have started from there.


Sources of body hair for body hair transplantation


There are diverse sources of body hair that are suitable for body hair transplantation. These areas that are located from ay part from the neck to the toe. They are also of many kinds and types of hair differ in their structure, diameter or type. The source is that variation and unique characteristic. The different characteristics of the source in body hair transplantation may include curly hair, straight hair, coarser hair, finer hair, long hair or short hair. The hair for such operations may be out of the main sources like the legs, the arms, the chest, the back, the face or even the armpits. However, most body hair transplantation depends on that hair comes from the back, chest or facial hair.


Kinds of body hair


There are two main categories of body hair: facial hair and rest of the body hair. The only difference between the two categories is the period of the hair in the catagen or telogen phases. The hair of the beard represents rare instances of being in the telogen or the resting phase. However, the hair in the rest of the body represents more than 60% in the resting phase. The hair of the beard more often grows in single hair units, and on rare instances, it grows in a group of three or two.

The growth rate of the beard hair is much rapid than other hair of the body. It is, in fact, the reason beyond the idea that many persons are able to grow long beards. It is also noted that beard hair is more resistant and consistent than other body hair types. However, other kinds of body hair are not able to grow long like scalp hair. These kinds of body hair can grow no longer than 3-6 cm.


Body hair transplantation results


The results of the operation depend on many factors, such as the type of the hair, its quality, its source and the form of the unit. Most results show that the results of non-beard body hair transplantation score only 1 out of 4 acceptable results. However, body hair transplantation of the beard hair scores much-improved results than the other parts of the body.

Most hair transplant specialists perform a body hair transplantation test before undergoing a full procedure. This test will evaluate the upcoming results of the operation and the final appearance of the hair. The benefit of the procedure is to avoid any other operations if the results disappoint the hair restoration specialist and the patient.

The hair of the beard is much straight than other body hair, which is much curly. If we investigate the other forms of the body, we will find that these forms grow shorter, such as the hair of the arms or the hair of the toes. The other forms of body hair grow in finer shape and may be coarser than beard hair. The final and cosmetic results show that the hair of other parts of the body if transplanted in the scalp will produce insignificant results. These results are much coarser than these of those hairs of the beard.


The ideal candidate for body hair transplantation


The process of choosing the best candidate for body hair transplantation is the main step to have the maximum results. First, the best candidate is that who have the most similar hair to that of the recipient area. This similarity considers the quality of the hair, the diameter, the thickness, the coarse and the source of the hair. Any fair comparison between the quality of the body hair and the beard hair, we will find that the beard hair is perhaps the best. This is because the hair of the body is much coarser and finer than that of the beard hair.

Second, the lack of the hair in the source area is another factor in the choice of the best candidate. When choosing the ideal candidate, the scalp hair is mostly the best part to pick out the hair from. The resources of the scalp are the best for a hair transplant, but if these resources are not that enough, a body hair transplantation will be the best solution. The resources of the scalp are the best because they grow consistently. Another factor is that they much represent the scalp hair because they are parts of it. Finally, some patients prefer to use body hair because they want to preserve the scalp hair and the donor hair in the donor area. A trial procedure will be a solution to suggest the results of the body hair transplantation.


How to improve the yield of body hair transplantation


When considering body hair transplantation, the hair specialist will deal with two main factors. First, the anagen phase of the body hair tends to produce the most consistent results among the hair growth cycle phases. Second, the density of the hair per square of the body hair will be better if it is much more than 30 units per square. If the density is less than the previously mentioned number, the production rate will be not that good for the patient. The production final results may be zero if the density becomes beyond 30 grafts.


The hair restoration specialist can easily locate the hair that is in its anagen phase after making a wet shave for the donor area. The doctor will shave the donor site against the grain to be very smooth. After as a short period of time, the most rapidly growing hair will be that will produce the most productive hair. The hair restoration specialist will be able to determine the door hairs after nearly 2-3 days of the shaving. However, for the beard hair, the actively growing hairs will be noticeable the next morning. Another way to determine the active hair is to note the shadow of the pigmented hair below the skin of the patient in the donor site.


Finally, the last few years demonstrated that many patients prefer to undergo a body hair transplantation as often as that of the scalp hair transplant. The growth factors of the operation are predictable at nearly 2-3 months. The doctor and the patient will predict the results accurately after a test procedure of the body hair.

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