Styling after hair transplant: Will it look better?

After hair transplant, many patients always ask about the availability of hair styling and grooming. The final steps to have the full appearance and the desired results is hair styling.

The main aim beyond a hair transplant or any other surgical procedure is to restore your hair. The restoration process will be in the places you have already lost hair in. Styling is one of the results after hair transplant that will maintain your outcomes. The well-done hair styling will improve the final look and results of the operation.

Some patients may dismiss this final step and consider it not important. They will feel that their results are not that complete and their final results come to no success.

Ask your hair specialist to recommend hair styling and grooming after hair transplant.

Shall I use specific products for hair styling after hair transplant?

Your doctor will recommend some instructions for you as a unique individual patient. These instructions should fit you and your case specially. Not all hair styling instructions will fit all the patients after the procedure. The discussion between you and your doctor will result in a hair styling that will look natural.

There will be some products for the immediate post-operation period and others after the complete healing.

  • Immediate after the operation products are shampoos, hair conditioners, etc.
  • After the complete healing products are styling aids such as hair gel, creams, sprays as well as shampoos.

Just follow the full instructions of your doctor about hair styling and grooming neatly. The more you follow these instructions, the most maximum results you will have for your operation.

Why do I need to use shampoos after hair transplant?

One of the most important hair products for the immediate and after healing care is shampoo. You will use this product for multiple purposes:

  • Cleaning your scalp and new hair from dirt dead scalp cells.
  • To remove any excess fats or oils from the transplanted area.
  •  Reducing the effect of micro-organisms and other bacteria on your scalp.
  • Removing scabs and crusts on your scalp after the operation.

Perhaps all the well-known brands of shampoos will do these purposes. However, your doctor will recommend some specific brand that fit your scalp and hair. Your preference for a specific shampoo will be one of the considerations of your doctor. Nevertheless, you should follow all the instructions neatly so as to accomplish the maximum results.

Is it ok to use baby shampoos after the operation?

No doubt that baby shampoos are useful and may help in conditioning your hair. They are mild, so you will use some other hair cleansing products side-by-side with them. Some other hair conditioners will be useful for the flexibility of your hair because baby shampoos are mild. They will increase the elasticity of your hair.

Most hair cleansing products may contain sulfate that will remove most fats and oils of your hair. So, you should use mixed shampoos with oils to substitute these oils and fats, which are important for your hair regrowth.

 I have some skin conditions, what are the best hair products for hair styling after my operation?

Most noteworthy, There may be some hair conditions for some patients that will need some special care. These conditions may include psoriasis, dermatitis among other skin conditions. Therefore, our doctor will recommend some hair shampoos and conditioners that will not aggravate your skin. Each patient with special hair condition will have some specific recommendations.

Some other patients with curly or tightly kinky hair may face some difficulty to style their hair. There are many hair products that will fit these types of hair. most of these shampoos are conditioning shampoos that will reduce any styling trauma after combing.

The most effective hair conditioners after hair transplant

Most hair restoration doctors recommend using conditioners with shampoos to ease the use of combs. They will make easy managing your hair and make it flexible for grooming and styling. Your doctor may have some special recommendations for specific hair conditioners that fit your individual hair type.

There are many types of hair conditioners and we may classify them as:

  • Short contact: they are these conditioners that fit the immediate use after hair transplant.  Especially relevant, you leave these types for a certain time after shampooing before washing. Seems like, they will provide little conditioning and will make your hair more manageable for combing.
  • Deep or protein conditioners: this type of conditioners are applied on your hair for a longer time. You have to leave them approximately 30 minutes on your hair. This type of conditioners contains some animal and hydrolyzed proteins. It helps in strengthening your new hair and motivates hair regrowth and to decrease hair loss.
  • long-lasting conditioners: You may need some long-lasting conditioners that you will apply on your hair. This type of conditioners is applied after drying your hair and you will leave as a styling aid. You will remove this long-lasting conditioner with the next shampooing.

Shall I follow specific hair styling after hair transplant to maintain the results of the operation?

Almost, Many patients ask about the perfect hair style they should follow after a hair transplant. You will have the answer if you always remember that you are a unique patient. Hence, our hair transplant operation is an individual process that differs from the other ones for other patients. As a result, your hair styling and grooming after the operation will be a unique one as well.

Each patient has his/her own perfect style that fits the individual characteristics of the head and hair direction. Your doctor will recommend the simplest form for your case after hair transplant. This hairstyle should be simple because simple forms need no excessive combing.

Consequently, After your transplanted hair grows and becomes mature, you will realize more density and volume. The length of your hair will add more density and volume to your transplanted hair. You can obtain more volume when you comb your hair straight back. The transplanted hair will not affect the part of your hair. Make the part in its appropriate position so as to comb your hair to increase its density.

Finally, When you undergo a hair transplant that is not that complete, you may need to sweep your hair over the incomplete areas. You can use any styling aids to comb your hair into the desired style.

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